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Eccentric seasonal independent beer.

This is a story about a couple of friends who wanted to live their dream…

Jakobsland Brewers started off as a weekend project in 2012 when two friends, Fran and Henlo, came up with the idea to try out their new found curiosity in craft beer. They built their own 70 litre pilot brew system at Fran’s dad’s company workshop and immediately started brewing their first recipes. It quickly became popular amongst their friends and family and production had to be stepped up to two brewing sessions per weekend. At that point Henlo met Jeremiah Fox at a craft beer tasting event and being a home brewer himself and having worked at a small craft brewery back home in Chattanooga Tennessee Jeremiah joined the weekend brew project. Things really got going and they had to increase the brewing to 4 sessions per week. Always searching to perfect their recipes, the three realised that they needed a bigger system with controlled fermentation temperatures and a professional bottling line to take their project a step further.

After numerous business plans, schemes and strategies they realised that the best way to start is by becoming nomad brewers, meaning renting brewing space at other breweries. In 2016 they registered the company and soon got to brew their tried and tested recipes. These first beers quickly got recognized and won gold medals and “Best of Contest” at the International Beer Award “IBeerian Awards” in 2016 and 2017, one of the best rookie breweries from bloggers and magazines in 2017 and moving into the top 10 rated Spanish breweries on Untappd in 2017.

Jakobsland Brewers have established great bonds with numerous breweries where they have brewed over the years and has become resident brewers at Arriaca. They focus on two lines of brewing namely, “Year Round Beers” and “Seasonal Beers” saying that each beer should be made the best way possible but should always be recognizable as its own style. Although saying this, they always try to push the envelope and see how they can make their beers more of a drinking pleasure.

Thank you to all the people out there enjoying Jakobsland. Although we love our own beers, you are the reason we push hard every day, making it possible for us to keep on dreaming.

PS: Jakobsland Brewers takes its name from the years of the Viking invasions in Galicia, documented in the 11th century. In the Scandinavian sources, the Viking presence in Galician land is documented in the sagas, accounts written in the 12th century about the expeditions that were undertaken. In these sagas there are references to Jakobsland (the land of Santiago).

logo heads only Henlo

Henlo Matthee Swart

Founder, Owner & Brewer

logo heads only Fran

Fran Vaquero Rodriguez

Founder, Owner & Wingman


10 horas hace

Mash Vigo
🆕 EN TIENDA: Estamos muy contentos de llenar nuestras neveras y estanterías con las cervezas de Jakobsland Brewers que visitan por primera vez MASH VIGO. Lo hacen con sus recetas de temporada que traen una buena carga de lúpulo. En el caso de HAVING FRIENDS OVER FOR DINNER es en forma de Doble NEIPA muy juicy, sedosa gracias a la avena y con un aire tropical que recuerda al maracuyá, a la piña 🍍 y a la papaya. En PEACEFUL REBELION, con un cuerpo muy redondo y regusto seco fruto de un arrogante uso de los lúpulos Simcoe, Centennial, Citra y Cascade, la rebelión es tan pacífica como las que se vivieron en los sesenta en la West Coast de Estados Unidos. ¡Encantados de teneros con nosotros Jakobsland!TAPROOM Y TIENDA⏱ L-S 12:00 a 15:00 / 19:00 a 00:00#mashvigo #vigocraftbeer #mashvigotaproom #craftbeer #beershop #taproom #tiendacervezavigo #ipa #indiapaleale #jakobslandbrewers ... Ver másVer menos
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3 días hace

Jakobsland Brewers
Having Friends over for Dinner!! Es nuestra nueva Imperial Oat Cream IPA. Hecha con montones de avena para una sensación aterciopelada y un toque de lactosa para una cremosidad adicional. Muy suave con notas de melocotón, maracuyá, piña, papaya y pino. Tienes que probarla!! Y si es con amigos mejor!!😉🇬🇧 Having Friends over for Dinner!! It is our new Imperial Oat Cream IPA. Made with loads of oats for a velvety feel and a touch of lactose for extra creaminess. Very smooth with notes of peach, passion fruit, pineapple, papaya and pine. You have to try it!! And if it's with friends better!!😉 ... Ver másVer menos
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